Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Profile: Jennie Dick

Name: Jennie Dick

Start date: 1st October 2009

Project/area: Research Administrator

Favourite biscuit? Oreo dipped in ice cold milk or a plain choc digestive

Favourite place? Morar

Favourite word? Flabergasted

Twitter? Facebook? Other? Facebook

iPhone? Fits an iPhone?

What can you not live without? My daughter she keeps me on the straight and narrow (whether I want to be there or not!!)

Which character from film or television most resembles you? Judge Judy :)

If you weren't working at dot.rural, what would you be doing? Horseriding

Use ten words to describe Ten dot.rural colleagues (without naming names): Pernickity, tenacious, fair, enthusiastic, willful, ambitious, talkative, hardworking, late, lovely

Is there anything we don't already know about you? I am a Qualified Reflexologist

The first thing I'd rescue in a fire is (if alone in the house) Photographs

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