Thursday, 9 June 2011


....and more and more....
...what's that? It's only a little part of what you can get from Enterprisers.

What's Enterprisers? It is a programme run by the University of Cambridge.
It is all about developing entrepreneurial skills, from creativity and marketing to communication. However, there are loads of other exciting things that one can learn and practice. More information can be found in Enterprisers.

This course is perfect for people interested to start a business but anyway this should not stop others to participate because the skills that you learn and practice are useful for all types of jobs.

Anyway after attending the workshop last week in Cambridge I can tell you that this is not only about skills, it's a change of life...
I will not describe what activities we have been doing because otherwise I will ruin the surprise effect but I can tell you that you will find yourself doing all sorts of activities, playing, acting, dancing, singing, eating, thinking, presenting without even realizing it.
And I'm sure there is something useful and funny to bring home for everyone.

...It's been a week and I feel like it happened only in my dreams... such amazing people, an incredible team "Green Stars", interesting entrepreneurs with different stories, a great group of facilitators and the two most amazing mentors we could have ever had...

The workshop is a really intense 4 days journey but at the end you feel like you have been away for months. It started with a deep work on ourselves, our objectives and motivations and by the second day I had forgotten all the dark days of my PhD :) :)

The best point is that I didn't realise how much I learnt in such a short period of training. Although the usual training courses are interesting I found most of them a bit "boring" ....but this one is just so dynamic and funny and extra-creative and.... just great! And I was so lucky to be in the Green Stars team, they were extraordinary and we have been working very well together... And here is our amazing GREEN ROCKET ready for the moon!!!... keep dreaming!!

It's been a very refreshing experience, it's good to change environment and meet such great people, it's been an explosion of positive energy and enthusiasm. When you are overwhelmed with many things to do it's likely that you forget the motivation that inspired your choices in the first place... Well this course has helped me to rediscovered the motivations for which I started my PhD....

A big thanks goes to the Green Stars which have made my experience just Amazing!!!

And here some pictures of our work in progress... (Giant Jenga and Brainstorming)

...And the launch to the Moon.....with Parachute....