Friday, 27 August 2010

Highland Schools Tour Heads to the Islands

Day 4 - Plockton to Portree
Distance travelled = 38.0 miles = 61.2 km

In a break from the usual format, after our lecture...

... we ended up being guest judges at Plockton High School's ''Annual Energy Problem-Solving Day'', featuring local press coverage.

The students were tasked with building working, model wind turbines in groups and subjecting their models to the earthquake and wind tunnel tests...

...Thanks to Mr Kean and congratulations to group #8! :-)

Got a really positive response from the school and Headmaster at Plockton (who sat in on our lecture) - a great boost!

Set off for Portree...

Now arrived ahead of the final day of lectures tomorrow, as the Tour draws to a close... for this year.

I'm in the attic of the Pink Guest House at Portree, just on the harbour. Meanwhile, Ken's camping out in the local driving instructor's spare room. Random!

Had a few probs with internet access at the Portree guesthouse when trying to submit this blog entry on the actual night (26th August). Hence the 1-day delay...

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