Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Gairloch High and 5 Minutes of Fame on 'Two Lochs' Local Radio!

Day 3 - Gairloch to Plockton
Distance travelled = 62.2 miles = 100.1 km

Our replacement 'key' components arrived at Gairloch High School ahead of our arrival. Managed to fit them before the day's lectures - we're back in business! Thanks again to Derek Logan (Fraser Noble electronics workshop) and Gorry Fairhurst (dot.rural Engineering Co-Investigator) for their emergency assistance.

Fantastic classes at Gairloch today. Total audience ~180 of super enthusiastic pupils delivering very positive feedback to us via their Physics teacher Mrs McRae :-)

In between lectures we were invited to the local radio station a few hundred metres along the Loch from the school (Two Lochs Radio - Britain's smallest commercial radio station, 106 and 106.6 FM).

Alex Gray the station manager, chief radio engineer, one of many volunteers, and the presenter interviewed us for a 'guest slot' (to be aired tomorrow morning). For more info, check out:

Arrived in picturesque Plockton tonight ahead of tomorrow's packed schedule of our lectures and Plockton High School's 'Annual Energy Problem-Solving Day'.

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