Monday, 23 August 2010

Energy Show Crackles into Kinlochbervie!

Day 1 - Kinlochbervie to Ullapool
Distance travelled = 60 miles = 96.6 km

After a great start in Kinlochbervie (two shows and we saw half the school S1 to S6)...

...we have headed down to Ullapool.

The lectures in Kinlochbervie were good, enthusiastic pupils, some quite opinionated with regards to issues around energy quotas and the like. One pupil so enthusiastic he managed to blow our brand new pedalometer. Thanks to Gorry, and Derek in Fraser Noble Workshop, we should see a spare part with us by Wednesday in Gairloch.

Tomorrow we improvise!! Everything's a challenge we guess. Ullapool seems to be looking forward to our visit. We kick off early tomorrow with an audience of 90 pupils from S1 upwards.

Tonight we again visited a fish restaurant (following yesterday's lunch AND dinner). Claire is mad on fish. Tomorrow I veto! (Claire says 'nooooooooo').

Thought for the day: What is the carbon footprint of striking a match?...

Ken and Claire (aka Salmon and Trout)

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