Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gorry & Claire in London: Satellites, Public Engagement and Buses!

Monday 6th December 2010

So ahead of my National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) conference and Gorry's week of meetings in London, we took the opportunity to touch base with Avanti and, just around the corner, Inmarsat.

First stop Inmarsat...

We met up with Paul Febvre to discuss dot.rural-Inmarsat collaboration in the future and potential involvement with the DigiBus (coming soon!). The agenda also included the National Science and Engineering Week free, satellite-themed public event we're planning for 17th March 2011 at 7 pm - put in your diary! We're inviting satellite manufacturers, internet service providers, space agencies and more!

Next we hurried round the corner to Avanti to catch-up with Trevor Barker (guest speaker at Arjuna's NGA workshop at Digital Futures 2010) and Graham Peters...

We're working with Avanti on the part TSB-funded Digital Advanced Rural Testbed (DART) project so met up to kick things off.

In case you missed the spectacular satellite launch - making the DART project possible - you can watch it here.

It was great to meet with Paul, Trevor and Graham on our whistle-stop tour. Next stop, the NCCPE conference...

Bye for now!

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